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High quality, Scottish beef – dry aged to enhance both flavour and texture.

The Dry Ageing process improves the texture and flavour of bone in beef by hanging in a cool dry environment.

Generally those cuts that are aged are the Loins, Ribs and Rumps as they show the greatest improvement by being treated in this manner. The cuts are hung in a dry, cool environment for between 21 and 28 days. During this time, the muscle tissue loses water through evaporation which has the effect of intensifying the flavour of the meat and results in less shrinkage during cooking.

The temperature and humidity levels at which maturation is conducted also provides the ideal conditions for enzymatic breakdown of the tough connective tissues within muscle fibres. This produces a very tender finished product.

The Millers of Speyside, 28 Day Dry Aged Sirloins were finalists at the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards, impressing the judges with both the tenderness and flavour of the steaks.